k.flay gets middle fingers in the air at Lodge Room

k.flay Lodge Room SoW 2024 mainbar

“I’m never going to forget that!” “I can’t believe this is happening.” “We finally made it here.” These were just some remarks of pure excitement, disbelief, adrenaline, and rock and roll heard throughout the Lodge Room in LA on Thursday night. K.Flay headlined two packed nights at the small northeast Los Angeles venue as she kicked off her North American tour starring her most recent album, MONO.

The rock artist and rapper seamlessly combined these two musical elements and delivered a show that had people of all ages headbanging and throwing their fists, and middle fingers — when prompted — in the air the entire night. The endless crazed energy during k.flay’s 21-song set bounced off all the walls of the intimate venue. She threw her entire body into every song (I was wondering when she had time to breathe) and had the entire crowd copying her thrashing movements; how is she able to rap so effortlessly without stopping to race around the stage?

Just as K.Flay had encouraged early in the night, everyone in the crowd was truly living in the moment, feeling the music, and was having the time of their lives. Her set began and ended with a boxing skit that had everyone cheering as an intercom voice welcomed k.flay to the ring and she boxed her lead guitarist in time with the chords and beats. From her extensive discography, she raged to a few songs from each project of hers for this night’s setlist but it was clear that no one had any complaints. Other than the endless energy from everyone at that venue, it surprised me that this show drew such passionate k.flay fans that were spread widely across age and gender – it reminded me how special it is for live music to bring people together, and I really hope k.flay stays hydrated.

Words and photos by Sophie Weil