Maisie Peters packs El Rey back-to-back nights

Maisie Peters El Rey 2022 mainbar

Rising English pop star Maisie Peters ended her North American tour with two sold-out shows at the historic El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles last week and we were there Friday night. Enthusiastic young girls lined up down the block, some accompanied by their fathers, in anticipation of seeing the artist perform songs from her debut album You Signed Up For This.

The singer-songwriter from West Suxxex in the U.K. did not disappoint, giving the crowd over an hour of energetic & emotional renditions of songs from that album plus other released and yet-unreleased singles. Peters also drew in the crowd with intimate stories behind her songwriting, and humorous anecdotes from touring with her band and with opening act Jonah Kagen.

Setlist: You Signed Up For This, Psycho, Boy, Outdoor Pool, Place We Were Made, Love Him I Don’t, Sad Girl Summer, I’m Trying (Not Friends), Cate’s Brother, Volcano, Brooklyn, Favourite Ex, Villian, Worst of You, John Hughes Movie.

Words and photos by Justin Higuchi