Meg Myers drops first song in three years, announces gig at The Echo

Meg Myers Echo 2018 mainbar

Anyone who knows me knows that I am fascinated by Meg Myers.

She caught me completely off guard when I caught her performing at School Night at Bardot years ago — a show I attended to see someone else perform but left leaving impressed most by Myers.

Her first single “Desire” sounded like a woman’s take on Nine Inch Nails classic “Closer”, and the dichotomy between the singer’s brutal and harrowing songwriting and her soft-spoken self outside of her music always mesmerized me.

The singer just shared the first new song since her debut album Sorry dropped in 2015, titled “Numb”. The same ’90s rock feel shines through, though Myers’ vocals are more relaxed here than on most of her previous songs. “I’m in your custody/ But I’m not a criminal/ I can be your next best thing,” she sings, seemingly forlorn before exploding into a heavier chorus.

“When I first wrote ‘Numb’ it was about my experience with a major record label, the former Atlantic Records singer said.” “But as I dug deeper, I found that it goes back to some early childhood stuff and how shutting down, or escaping, felt like the safer thing to do.”

The new record will drop July 20 via 300 Entertainment, an independent label probably more suited for letting Myers fully explore herself rather than trying to rein in and commercialize her music. Though Myers has used live cello on her songs in the past, the new album will feature full strings arrangements on six songs courtesy of The Section Quartet.

The singer was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness as a child and has relayed a lot of the new album deals with mending feelings related to her childhood. She lived in Los Angeles, relocated to Nashville where she has Tennessee roots, and recently moved back to LA.

“On the surface, I thought I was writing about love loss but I’ve learned it goes much deeper than that,” Myers said. “It’s going back to the child in me that needed to be healed. I’ve always written from a true place, but in getting to know myself better, I’m now writing from an even deeper level of honesty.”

Meg Myers is playing a handful of shows this June, including a gig at The Echo on Monday, June 25. Tickets to see Meg Myers at The Echo are priced at $19.00 and go on sale Friday, May 4 at 10 AM Pacific Time. There is a pre-sale using the password MEGLAND. The show is all ages with doors set to open at 8 PM.


Meg Myers at The Independent in 2014 photo by Pamela Garcia

6/11 – Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
6/12 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
6/18 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
6/25 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo