Nanna strikes out on her own at Troubadour

Nanna Of Monsters and Men Trouadour 2023 JH mainbar

Nanna Hilmarsdottir, lead vocalist and guitar player for Of Monsters and Men, played an emotionally uplifting show at the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles last Tuesday. The Icelandic songstress is wrapping up a summer tour across America in support of her debut solo album How To Start A Garden, which was named after watching a neighbor lovingly tend to his garden, and also serves as an apt metaphor for the care and devotion the acclaimed artist put into seeding, growing, and finally harvesting her fresh new crop of songs to offer to the world.

After Aussie singer-songwriter Indigo Sparke delivered an intimate opening solo set, Nanna and her band stepped on stage and delighted the sold-out house by performing all eleven songs off the new album, including hits “Crybaby”, “Disaster Master” (which the current world tour is named after), and crowd favorite “The Vine”, before ending the evening with “Everything’s Coming Up Millhouse”. After experiencing a performance that was soulful and sad yet somehow also cute and comforting at the same time, the crowd departed the theatre in an ethereal haze of calm and serenity.

Words and photos by Justin Higuchi