Nick Murphy leans on new record in exciting Wiltern gig

Nick Murphy has done all he can to distance himself from his earlier work.

Formerly known as Chet Faker, Murphy has gone in a different direction since adopting his actual name as a performer. While still leaning somewhat on synths, there’s a more psychedelic and even folky feel to April’s record Run Fast Sleep Naked. It’s his first record since his debut album Built on Glass, which spawned a number of hits.

Tuesday saw Nick Murphy bring those new tunes to The Wiltern to a packed crowd.

He played three songs from that record — “Gold”, “1998”, and “Talk is Cheap”. He played those songs a bit different than they sound on record, and they fit in much better amongst the new stuff as a result. He did play all eight songs from Run Fast Sleep Naked — which hasn’t exactly gotten rave reviews but comes across much better in a live setting.

Murphy’s live band is extremely talented. A piano breakdown on “Weak Education”, and a really impressive outro on “Trouble With Us” from his EP with Marcus Marr stood out the most. The tune “Dangerous” had a rock ballad feel to it.

Those that came to hear Chet Faker may have left slightly disappointed. But if you’re someone that’s a fan of his new sound, it delivered big time.

Photos by Sarah Woods