Sigrid delivers a Griff-sized surprise at The Novo

Sigrid Griff Novo 2022 JH mainbar

Despite partially losing her voice just moments before the show, Norwegian pop-star SIGRID took to the stage at The Novo in downtown L.A. on Wednesday (10/12/22) evening in what ended up being the grand finale of her North American tour. The high-energy and upbeat set featured most of the tracks from her two full-length albums How to Let Go and Sucker Punch, along with the highlight of the night: a rendition of hit single “Head on Fire”, performed with surprise guest Griff whom co-wrote/recorded/released the banger with Sigrid earlier this year.

Sigrid posted a message on her Instagram story the next morning: “ …i wanna say the biggest thank you to everyone who came to our show in LA last night, I really felt the love and support in the room. my voice was actually ok-ish in soundcheck, but I lost it right before going on stage.. I spent the whole show trying to reach notes where nothing but air came out, trying to come up with new melodies on the spot that could be healthier for my voice and for your ears and that is the most frustrating thing ever. one, because I’m not delivering the show I want to give you – and I do take massive pride in our live shows. it’s been a long time since I’ve felt so naked and out of control on stage. and two (and most importantly and bigger than my little ego) is that it wouldn’t be sensible of me to push through another show tonight. I’ve been going back and forth with my team all morning on whether I should cancel tonight’s final show of this tour in San Diego or not – and my team and I have decided we have to cancel… I hope to see you around the next corner and lastly: thank you for an incredible tour. you really brought out the best energy and love every single night of the tour… big big hugs from me and the gang xxx now I’m gonna rest 🙂 ”

Seeing as this was the second time Sigrid’s tour passed through Los Angeles this year (the first stop being at The Fonda theatre in Hollywood back in April)… her rest is very well deserved.

Words and photos by Justin Higuchi

1. It Gets Dark (from the album How to Let Go)
2. Burning Bridges (from the album How to Let Go)
3. Risk of Getting Hurt (from the album How to Let Go)
4. Sucker Punch (from the album Sucker Punch)
5. Mine Right Now (from the album Sucker Punch)
6. Thank Me Later (from the album How to Let Go)
7. Dancer (from the album How to Let Go)
8. Head on Fire (single, performed with Griff)
9. Dynamite (from the album Sucker Punch)
10. Bad Life (from the album How to Let Go)
11. Mistake Like You (from the album How to Let Go)
12. A Driver Saved My Night (from the album How to Let Go)
13. High Five (from the EP Raw)
14. Plot Twist (from the EP Don’t Kill My Vibe)
15. Don’t Kill My Vibe (from the album Sucker Punch)
16. Strangers (from the album Sucker Punch)

17. Grow (from the album How to Let Go)
18. Don’t Feel Like Crying (from the album Sucker Punch)
19. Mirror (from the album How to Let Go)