Silk Cinema’s “Disappear” is like being wrapped in a warm blanket

It wasn’t until I started writing about music that I had to buy more storage for my Gmail. I get bombarded with them, and sometimes I archive them without really giving a look. An e-mail from London duo Silk Cinema yesterday made me regret not looking more closely at others, because theirs was a gem.

Silk Cinema hooked me with their description of their music: “Think Sade in space.” With a description like that, who needs a publicist? I gave a listen to their song “Disappear”, and it honestly felt like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I like the minimalist approach to the production, and it sort of reminds me of another British duo I’ve been a fan of lately called Litany.

Influences to the duo range from Beethoven to Beyonce, and also include Steely Dan, Sade, and Cocteau Twins according to an interview they did with KMMReviews.

There’s a real ’90s R&B and ’90s dance vibe to the rhythm of the song. Kristy X’s vocals are smooth as butter and have me wishing there were more than two songs out from them. They’ll be dropping a new song in December, hopefully with an EP to follow.

This is definitely a new act to keep on your radars — two songs in and I’m already hooked.