Snail Mail shines at big Hollywood Palladium gig

Snail Mail Palladium 2022 mainbar

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for some good ole female fronted indie rock. Sprinkle on top a little queerness and I’m all over it. On April 27th, Indie-rocker Snail Mail made a stop at The Hollywood Palladium and fulfilled me with a few of my favorite things. Formed by 22 year old Lindsey Jordan, Snail Mail has become a staple in my ‘time to cry’ playlists. Her latest album “Valentine” is a damn good album filled with heart wrenching tunes galore. 

I was super excited to hear all the songs live, but as soon as I stepped foot into the venue, I felt a bit out of place, like a chaperone at a high school prom. I’d put money on it that I may have been the oldest person there- but to hell with it, like Aaliyah once said, age ain’t nothing but a number! (Cut to: Snail Mail fans reading this immediately googling ‘who is Aaliyah)  

Before Snail Mail took the stage I got to catch a little bit of Australian Indie-pop trio, The Goon Sax who warmed up the crowd with their indie pop sounds. 

The anticipation grew as the light dimmed and teenage shrieks filled the venue. When Jordan took the stage with her bandmates, the crowd went wild. This tour had been postponed due to Jordan needing a surgery in 2021, so needless to say, her fans were ready! Snail Mail wasted no time giving the fans what they wanted and launched the night with the album’s title track, Valentine. She continued on the night, playing mostly songs from Valentine though there were a couple tracks from 2018’s “Lush” and the 2016 EP “Habit” thrown into the set list. 

I was impressed with Jordan’s guitar skills as well as her charisma on stage. She was clearly having a blast the entire time and a few times demanded the audience to get on her level. “Show some life,” she told the crowd, to which they obliged and danced their little hearts out. I may have even shook my foot a little too. 

Snail Mail’s tour continues into early May and their Eur/UK tour starts in June. 

“Ben Franklin”
“Speaking Terms”
“Heat Wave”
“Golden Dream”
“Light Blue”
“Feeling Like I Do” (Superdrag Cover)
“Full Control”
“Forever (Sailing)”