Springtime Carnivore shares new song “Raised by Wolves”

As long as Greta Morgan keeps putting out new tunes, we are going to write about it here.

Morgan’s Springtime Carnivore project has released a new tune from her upcoming album Midnight Room. Called “Raised by Wolves,” the track features Morgan’s signature vintage vocals at the forefront with a dreamy melody carrying it.

Midnight Room is the follow-up to Springtime Carnivore’s sparkling 2014 self-titled debut. It features a pretty prominent list of Los Angeles musicians on the album credits. It is produced by Chris Coady, who also produced Beach House and Future Islands. La Sera’s Katy Goodman provides some backing vocals. Alex Greenwald of PHASES (formerly Phantom Planet) plays bass and Rilo Kiley’s Jason Boesel provides some percussion.

You may know Morgan from the numerous other projects she was a part of. She got her start as a teenager with The Hush Sound and later put out a couple records as part of Gold Motel. If you’re unfamiliar with either, I highly recommend checking out their back catalogs. They’re full of stellar songs, many of which were written by Morgan herself.

The new album comes out October 7 via Autumn Tone. Springtime Carnivore opens for La Sera on a tour that begins at The Glasshouse the day the album is released. The prolific Morgan and Goodman also have a punk covers record called Take It, It’s Yours, which came out last week. It features an epic collection of re-imaginations of songs by Bad Brains, The Replacements, The Misfits, Buzzcocks and others. Therefore, it’s safe to assume we’ll hear some of those songs live.

The La Sera / Springtime Carnivore tour concludes in Los Angeles with a date at the Bootleg Theater on November 5. Tickets are priced between $13.00 and $15.00.