Watch Springtime Carnivore’s new video for “Midnight Room”

Greta Morgan project Springtime Carnivore has released a new video for the title track from her killer 2016 album Midnight Room – and it’s exquisitely intricate.

The song features Morgan’s vintage-sounding wistful vocals at the forefront of the groovy indie pop track. In an October interview with Nylon, Morgan said the song came from writing late at night in her bedroom, “which is decorated with various shades of midnight and baby blue,” which explains the bridge lyrics “I see you now/blue on blue/my illusion.”

“A ‘Midnight Room’ is the metaphorical place that the whole record came from,” Morgan would go on to say. “It represents the feeling of waking up alone in the middle of the night and hearing nothing but your own thoughts.”

Debuted via PASTE Magazine on Wednesday, the video was brought to life by animator Kevin Andrews.

“I usually make a record imagining that it could be the soundtrack to a specific place, whether imagined or real,” Morgan told PASTE of the video. “’Midnight Room’ has a starry and surrealist landscape, and Kevin helped create that world visually. Whether it’s a hotel room where the floor is actually made of water, or a classic American car parked on a look-out point on the moon, his creativity brought the song to life in a new way for me. I fell in love with Kevin’s animation the first time I saw it.”

Midnight Room is a great album from start to finish and I highly recommend checking it out. Morgan has participated in a ton of projects I’m a fan of – from her teen days in The Hush Sound to the project Gold Motel.

If you’re a fan of Jenny Lewis like I am, I feel like Springtime Carnivore is up your alley. If you’re lucky enough to live in Chicago, you can catch the two of them together on March 12 at Thalia Hall. Tickets go on sale February 10.