WATCH: DMA’s deliver killer cover of Cher’s “Believe”

It took 18 years for Cher’s “Believe” to be listenable again. And it isn’t Cher that made it relevant this time, but Aussie rockers DMA’s.

The group once played the song on BBC Radio 1 earlier this year and have followed it up with an appearance on the killer Aussie radio station Triple J’s “Like a Version.” It’s one of the more memorable covers on that show this year, as the trio performs a slowed-down acoustic version of the track.

“Believe” was unavoidable on the radio when it first dropped in 1998. It was so prevalent it was parodied in an early South Park episode where it’s used as a torture tactic. I wouldn’t mind this version of the song picking up steam, it’s very well done all around. It has us again pondering one of life’s biggest questions: “Do you believe in life after love?”

It’s been very Britpop themed at Pass the Aux lately with the Oasis documentary dropping earlier this week – and though these guys hail from down under, they’re the closest it gets to the vintage Oasis sound these days. Check out their video for “Step Up the Morphine” (which they also performed on Triple J) to see what I mean.