Marc E. Bassy gets Palladium crowd revved up for KYLE

Marc E Bassy Palladium 2018 mainbar

With it being Kyle’s last stop of his Lightspeed Tour in the US, things got a little crazy at the Hollywood Palladium this past Saturday. The line to get in stretched to about three blocks from the venue. However, I can’t give full credit to Kyle for causing all hype. Accompanying the super duper Ventura native, was the Bay Area’s very own Marc E. Bassy.

Now Bassy is not foreign to causing crowds to go wild. With hits such as “You & Me” and “Plot Twist” he had every girl (and guys too) singing along to every song. In addition, Bassy performed some tunes from his lastest EP Postmodern Depression.

I’ll be honest, before going to the show I was a bit skeptical about how a pop artist would be able to hype up a crowd full of teenagers. But after listening and seeing Bassy live, it became very clear that he has amazing talent and a ton of potential. It’s no wonder why people say that he’s going to blow up very soon. Kyle made a good choice bringing him along tour, and I can’t wait to see what both of them bring in 2019.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to photograph Kyle’s anticipated performance up close but take my word when I say he had the crowd going nuts. His stage set up was dope and so were his awesome visuals. He performed songs from his latest album “Light of Mine” but took it way back with songs like “Sex & Super Smash Bros.” and “Really?Yeah!”

It’s safe to say that Kyle has gathered an overwhelming amount of die-hard fans and they’ll be there to jam out to any new music.

Don’t miss KYLE and Marc E. Bassy next time they come to your town!

Words and photos by Freddy Ayala