BENEE brings summer vibes to The Novo

BENEE The Novo 2022 PG mainbar

BENEE lit up the stage at The Novo DTLA last Thursday, making it her first time back in the states since before the pandemic hit. She also stated that it was her first time playing The Novo, and that the last time she was there she “was sitting in the last row of the balcony.” BENEE has been on this world tour since mid March of this year, starting in Australia, making her way through Europe, and finishing off her tour here in America with the last show being this one in LA. 

The opener for the show was Dreamer Boy, an indie pop artist based out of Nashville, Tennessee. He was super energetic and was a great act to get the crowd moving and hyped up for BENEE. It seemed as though Dreamer Boy had a fan base of his own at the show, as the crowd was singing along to the majority of his songs. A stand out of his set was the song “Puppy Dog”, which has a super playful energy and is a great song to dance around to. Dreamer Boy also played a new song, which he tested the crowd to see if they could dance the hardest while he turned his back to the audience. He finished off his set with the song “ARE YOU LETTING GO?”, which features BENEE, although she did not come out before her set to sing it alongside Dreamer Boy.

BENEE sang a large mix of her songs, featuring the majority of her released albums. She danced around the stage and interacted with the crowd the whole set. In between each song, she would address the crowd in some way, making the show feel extremely intimate. Some song highlights from her set included “Find an Island”, “Kool”, and “Beach Boy”. BENEE has super energetic music that is not hard to want to dance around to. She is the ultimate summer artist. She ended her hour and a half set with two fan favorites, the fun Tik Tok viral song “Supalonely”, and the high energy electro-pop song “Sheesh”. BENEE did not have an encore but those two songs left the crowd buzzing. 

BENEE is one of the most animated and enthusiastic artists I’ve ever seen on a stage, she has the kind of energy you crave from an artist when you see them live. Based on this show, she is an artist you definitely do not want to miss next time she’s playing in your area.

Words and photos by Paige Good