Billie Eilish proves star quality is real at Fonda Theatre gig

Billie Eilish Fonda 2018 mainbar

A crisp November night in Los Angeles. Even before rounding the corner onto Hollywood Blvd, there was no questioning whether you were in the right place – the long lines to the sold-out show (number two of three) at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood wrapped all the way around both sides of the venue. One night away from the end of her third headlining tour in just over a year, 16-year-old sensation Billie Eilish was to finally play to her hometown again.

Finneas and Childish Major, the openers, had the crowd moving about, excitedly setting the energy for Billie’s set. The anticipation was electric.

When the time finally came, Billie took the stage with fervent energy unlike any other. And the crowd went ballistic, jumping and singing every single word of every single song. Billie owned every inch of the stage – dancing energetically from one end to the other (and even climbing and jumping around on her giant spider backdrop!) throughout the entire night.

The rare quiet(-er) moments were filled with loud compliments such as “We love you,” and, “Billie, you’re so beautiful!” Following her impressive recent creative music video releases, Billie’s performance exceeded all expectations – she was passionate and totally compelling.

Eilish has grown astronomically as a performer in just a year. She’s continued putting out song after song with great fanfare. Her songs pop up everywhere — from commercials for heavyweight boxing matches to an Apple commercial about sharing gifts. She’s got amazing depth as a singer and songwriter.

Her music has been unavoidable, and it couldn’t be happening to a more mature teen than Eilish. This Vanity Fair interview that’s side-by-side with an interview asking the same questions a year ago is worth checking out. It’s been incredible to see how far she’s come in just a year.

Billie is an icon, undoubtedly taking the world by storm – wait until you see her in a crown. If you’re the parent or older sibling of someone who looks up to Billie Eilish, you can relax knowing she’s a rare talent.

I would be shocked if she isn’t on the Coachella 2019 lineup and lights up festivals in support of her to-be-announced debut album.

Words by Mark Ortega and Zoe Sher
Photos by Zoe Sher