Cherry Glazerr rock the Teragram

Cherry Glazerr Teragram 2024 SoW mainbar

“The year is 2024. You are attending a Cherry Glazerr show. This program is designed for body and mind realignment … It can and will change you, if you are a willing participant. … You will remember this night forever … “

That’s what the screen played as Clementine Creevy and her band Cherry Glazerr waited to walk onto the stage Friday night at the Teragram Ballroom. Creevy has been playing in this band since she was a teenager. Now in her midtwenties, it feels as though Creevy is hitting a creative high as the band was playing in support of their September full-length release I Don’t Want You Anymore, the fourth studio album released as Cherry Glazerr.

The latest records was responsible for six of the songs played, with seven songs coming from 2019’s Stuffed & Ready. Crowd favorites “Told You I’d Be With the Guys” and “Juicy Socks” had the crowd thumping, and longtime fans showed their appreciation for “Had Ten Dollaz” and “White’s Not My Color This Evening.”

The band came out for an encore that closed with a cover they’ve been doing for years — Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings”. It was a perfect song to sum up what Cherry Glazerr is all about.

Now a four-piece, Cherry Glazerr sounded great at the Teragram Ballroom. I’ve usually had issues with their shows not being mixed very well — they’re a hard band to nail the mix on because Creevy alternates between high-pitched vocals and screaming, so the sound engineers usually have their work cut out for them. They nailed it on this night.

Catch Cherry Glazerr on tour this year!

Words by Mark Ortega
Photos by Sophie Weil