Dora Jar kicks door open on future as pop superstar at Troubadour

Dora Jar Troubadour 2022 JH mainbar

Young fans waited outside in line for hours for an up-close & personal experience seeing alt-pop artist DORA JAR (Dora Jarkowski) close out “The Opening Tour” with a dreamy 17-song set at the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles. The rapidly rising singer-songwriter has rocketed herself into worldwide popularity since releasing her debut EP Digital Meadow in 2021, thanks to snagging the opening slot on Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” arena tour, and praise/hype from Eilish plus other major artists such as Remi Wolf, Grimes, Charli XCX, Conan Gray, and even Sir Elton John.

Jar’s link to Eilish was very evident at the show, with numerous girls sporting Biilie merch and gossiping on whether Dora’s new BFF would make an appearance or perhaps even jump on stage that night. While waiting for opener Sam Austins to come out for his set, two young girls in the front row were overheard debating if they should leave their stage-front spots and go sit in the balcony… because that was where Billie would surely be sitting IF she showed up.

Dora opened her set with (appropriately) “Opening” from her 2021 EP, dancing around in a dark jacket with a bucket hat pulled way down over her head… hiding her entire face except for her mouth. Those garments were quickly shed as she transitioned into “Wizard” and then “Tiger Face”. iPhones were out and recording as Jar energetically ran through songs from her new EP Comfortably In Pain and various singles released this past year. Even Billie Eilish — who DID indeed show up and did indeed snag a seat in the balcony — was spotted recording some songs with her phone as she danced and sang along. 

The party came to a complete halt a few songs from the end though, when a girl in the front row blacked out and collapsed. She lay on her back motionless and unconscious, as everyone backed away and a guy screamed out for “anyone with medical training” to come to her assistance. Luckily there was a fan (who was also a doctor) in the house: Peter Malek, a regular at shows everywhere throughout Los Angeles and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet at a concert, rushed in to assist while others called 911 and as Dora and her band huddled together at the front of the stage in concern. By the time the ambulance arrived, the girl was conscious again, and thankfully seemed to be more embarrassed than anything else.

The show continued, a little bit more subdued at first, but ended on a high note with Dora and her bandmates spinning in circles on stage and the crowd once again screaming with delight. Peter Malek even got to chat with Dora and take some fun photos with her afterwards. It was a memorable night. 

Words and photos by Justin Higuchi