Fleet Foxes stun Greek Theatre crowd

Fleet Foxes Greek 2022 PG mainbar

Fleet Foxes delivered a stunning performance at the historic Greek Theatre on Friday night. In the nearly two hour long set, Fleet Foxes brought their A-Game, sounding practically identical to how they do on their records. Robin Pecknold, the singer-songwriter of Fleet Foxes, is a Seattle native, but showed his love to LA and the Greek Theater, stating that his parents were in the audience as they live in the area.

Fleet Foxes started the show with the first three consecutive tracks of their most recent studio album, Shore. Fleet Foxes made sure to cover all the bases, and continuously jumped around from each of their albums throughout the set. Pecknold even threw some covers in there, with a hauntingly beautiful tribute to Judee Sill by singing her song The Kiss. He told the audience before singing the song that “Sill is one of the top 5 most influential artists from Los Angeles.” I think the whole audience would agree that Fleet Foxes needs to record this cover and release it on streaming platforms immediately. It was most definitely a highlight of the show.

Robin Pecknold made sure to interact with the audience a ton, acknowledging many requests and questions, such as singing a snippet of Post Malone’s song featuring Fleet Foxes, Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol, on the spot for a fan up front that asked. It makes the show feel even more special and personal when an artist listens and responds to their crowd. Some more highlights of the show included songs such as Mykonos, Grown Ocean, and one of their biggest hits, White Winter Hymnal. For the three song encore, Fleet Foxes brought back the opener, Brazilian singer-songwriter Tim Bernardes. Closing out the show with the song Helplessness Blues, the almost two hour set seemed to fly by because of how spectacular it was.

The best way I can describe Fleet Foxes’ music is warmth, which is something you could feel throughout the whole night. There’s just something about Pecknold’s voice along with the band’s harmonies that feels so freeing. Fleet Foxes makes music that makes you feel something deep down, and that is something we must cherish in music nowadays. 

Los Angeles was only the ninth stop in the Fleet Foxes 2022 Shore Tour, which runs through mid August all over the United States. So if you happen to be anywhere near one of their upcoming shows, you must go!

Words and photos by Paige Good