Jaja Bu drops sensual new song “Caroline”

Los Angeles-based, NY-bred producer Jaja Bu is back with a new track, and this one features some sexy sax.

I fell in love with his debut single “Sweetness” and the latest song “Caroline” picks up the momentum where he left off.

The ramped up production on “Caroline” blends electronic elements with some sensual R&B to perfection. Some really nice piano and racy guitar riffs setup the stellar falsetto of Jaja Bu. If you’re a fan of Rhye and ’90s R&B, this should be right up your alley. Check it out below:

“When I first started writing this song, I always wanted it to be my version of ‘Sara Smile’ by Hall & Oates with an R&B undertone,” Jaja Bu told Pigeons and Planes, who premiered the track Tuesday.

“This song definitely takes an interesting musical journey for me, and I wanted the ending to feel almost dream-like. It’s mostly about this person’s fantasy of being with someone (Caroline) and imagining this amazing time with them, but the reality of it being way darker and less connected then he sees it.”

Jaja Bu went on to explain the initial inspiration for the song was a trip to an Atlantic City strip club when he was 17 and thought the stripper he was interacting with was actually into him. We’ve all been there, right?

We’re looking forward to hearing more from Jaja Bu in 2018 — he’s definitely on our list of people to watch.