Lauren Daigle blows doors down at The Novo to kickstart album release

Lauren Daigle Novo 2023 JH mainbar

Two-time Grammy award winner Lauren Daigle celebrated the release of her self-titled album last Thursday night, with a free “To Know Me – One Night Only” concert at The Novo in downtown Los Angeles that was live-streamed on YouTube. The multi-platinum singer/songwriter opened the evening with a heartwarming rendition of “Thank God I Do”, the latest single from and first track on her new record. An official music video was also just released last month, and both the song and video were met with critical acclaim and record-breaking streams for the Christian-pop crossover artist.

Before performing the second song and track “St. Ferdinand”, Lauren explained that she actually recorded three completely different arrangements of this song, until it finally captured the feeling of sitting on the back porch of her home in New Orleans, Louisiana. The artist also took a few minutes to plug her online subscription service Krewe Pass, which was started in response to the docudrama The Social Dilemma to provide a community where people hold each other up and create genuine healthy and lasting friendships, instead of suffering alone through the manipulative disinformation offered on most social media platforms.

The rest of Lauren’s main set followed the album’s track listing in perfect order, true to the evening’s billing as an exclusive album preview concert: “New”, “Waiting”, “To Know Me”, “Kaleidoscope Jesus”, “Valuable”, “Don’t Believe Them”, “Ego”, and “These Are The Days”. Encore songs included “Salvation Mountain”, 6x platinum-certified “You Say”, and ending with “How Can It Be”.

Lauren Daigle will return to Los Angeles this Fall, when her The Kaleidoscope Tour ( stops at the Arena in November. Tickets for the tour are on sale now. Lauren’s self-titled album was released on May 12th via Atlantic Records / Centricity Music and is available everywhere.

Words and photos by Justin Higuchi