Quinn XCII takes the YouTube Theater by storm

Quinn XCII YouTube Theater PG 2023 mainbar

Quinn XCII and “The People’s Tour” made its stop in Los Angeles on Wednesday playing at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood. The night started off with high energy from the two openers on tour, Julia Wolf and ARIZONA. Hence the fitting name of “The People’s Tour”, it really was a show for the people. This was my first time seeing Quinn XCII perform, and if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that he’s all about fan interaction and making each show feel personalized to that specific audience. He had fan-submitted messages projected up onto the screens in between sets for everyone to read and laugh to. It was a fun touch that made the waiting periods between performers go by far quicker than they usually would. 

The start of Quinn’s set was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Before the band hit the stage, there was a video of a fake news broadcast introducing the show. It was extremely clever and had the whole audience laughing along. After that, each band member got introduced by a walk out song to tie into his newly released album, “The People’s Champ”. It was a super unique way to get the show started and stay true to the vibe of the album and this tour. Quinn XCII opened with his song, “Common”, which features rapper Big Sean on the album. Going back to my point about Quinn interacting with his audiences, he even brings fans up on stage. One point that stood out is when he did a cover of “Believe” by Cher and brought a fan up to sing along with him. It was super wholesome and it got the entire crowd singing and dancing along as well.

Despite Quinn stating that he was experiencing a sore throat at our show, his vocals were still on point. He has a super crisp tone that fits his style of music perfectly. His music is upbeat and has a great vibe as summer is approaching. Without knowing much about Quinn XCII prior to this show, I can honestly say he brings such an infectious, high energy to his performances. By the end, I lost track of how many times he thanked his audience for being at the show and singing along. You can tell he is truly thankful and loves what he does. If you’re looking to feel those good summer vibes, Quinn XCII and his killer band continues touring the states through September!

Words and photos by Paige Good