Rise Against turn The Shrine into sweaty mess

Rise Against Shrine 2017 mainbar

Chicago rockers Rise Against got rowdy for the second straight night in downtown Los Angeles. Anyone who expected differently has clearly never seen this band play live.

A sea of excitable crowd surfers, an endless supply of hits, and a unexpectedly dope visual show later, the crowd at The Shrine was drenched in sweat by the end of the night. Yet the most energy may have come from lead guitarist Zach Blair, who was running around the stage like a madman all night.

Lead singer Tim McIlrath’s familiar raspy vocals shined bright, as did his words. The band mentioned having been through four presidents since they started out, encouraging the crowd to fight racism and sexism wherever they see it.

One funny part of the show came when the band emptied out a wallet that somehow ended up on stage (probably from an errant crowdsurf). Rise Against are one of the few early aughts bands to survive the onslaught of bands that the garage rock renaissance wiped out, and for good reason. They’ve got strong songwriting, and even stronger performance chops to support the music on the road.

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Photos courtesy of Tim Aarons