Samia rocks out at the Fonda Theatre

Samia Fonda Theatre 2023 ZS mainbar

Samia is in the middle of a US tour for her new album Honey and this past Thursday night, she played to a full house at the Fonda Theatre. If she is coming through your city, be sure to check her out! 

Looking around the Fonda, it was clear everyone felt lucky to be in the room sharing the experience of Samia’s angelic performance. The crowd matched her energy singing, cheering, dancing, and holding silence when appropriate throughout the set.

Twirling around the stage and rocking out, Samia and the band members each appeared to be having a great time playing together which the audience loved. Samia brought out Christian Lee Hutson, Tommy Lefroy, and her trio ‘Peach Fuzz’ (Ryann & Raffaella) for different songs. In her very wholesome and adored encore, Samia invited about 10 of her friends on stage to sing together. Watching them all hold hands and laugh felt like a big, warm hug and was a beautiful way to end the night. 

Words and photos by Zoe Sher