Say She She wow sold-out Lodge Room

Say She She press mainbar (1)

KCRW darlings Say She She made their LA debut at the Lodge Room back in May, and this past Friday night saw the Brooklyn-based female vocal trio-led 7-piece return to a packed out sold-out show at the very same venue.

When I first heard “Blow My Mind” I thought for sure my Spotify Discover Weekly had slipped in a group from the 60s or 70s that I had somehow never heard of before. When I discovered that this was instead a new act, I was very excited.

The group is comprised of three strong female lead voices in Piya Malik, Nya Gazelle Brown, and Sabrina Cunningham. All three bring something unique to their sound and their voices blend beautifully.

What do you get if you mixed disco with psychedelic rock? Say She She.

It was one of the most hyped crowds I’ve been part of in a while. And the crowd was wide-ranging. It almost felt like it could have doubled for a KCRW fundraising drive based on the wide age range but also very hipster vibes.

The group just dropped their debut record Prism back in October and they played through it, as well as the songs that first put them on people’s radar like “Forget Me Not” and “Blow My Mind”. On “Forget Me Not”, Cunningham’s stunning high-pitched singing was really quite a wonder to witness in person.

The band and the three female lead vocalists all looked like they were having the best time, smiling and dancing throughout. That translated wonderfully into the crowd itself.

Protest song “NORMA” was a highlight as well. Say She She’s backing band was really stunning — the groovy bass lines and guitar riffs really felt like I was teleporting and time traveling back 50 years — well that and the mushrooms.

Say She She is an incredible live band that you should definitely experience when they come to your town. Their tour ends Thursday in Seattle. Listen to their debut album Prism below.