Slightly Stupid bring the vibes to FivePoint

Slightly Stoopid FivePoint Amphitheatre 2023 mainbar AK

Slightly Stoopid made their stop in the Los Angeles area performing at the FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA. With their feel-good, summer energy, this was a perfect venue location to ensure that all surf rock music lovers in greater Los Angeles could make it to this show. The openers for this show included Doors, Iya Terra, The Movement, and Atmosphere. Each artist brought their own unique sound but still all cohesively matched the vibe of Slightly Stoopid.

With this only being the 7th stop in their tour, you could truly feel that fresh, high energy you get when it’s still early on in a tour leg. This was the stop directly before Slightly Stoopid’s hometown show in San Diego, so you could also feel that sense of anticipation and excitement translate into their performance. Slightly Stoopid knows their fan base well, and played all the right songs to get the crowd moving. Within the first few songs of the set, they were playing fan favorites such as “Bandelero” and “Officer”. One cool thing that Slightly Stoopid does is find independent artists to create poster designs unique to each individual show, so fans can bring home a physical memory specific to their performance.

Another reason why this show stood out to me was not necessarily Slightly Stoopid, although they are insanely good live, but instead their audience. You could tell that the people in attendance are true music lovers, and with almost no phones in sight throughout the show, everyone was simply dancing and truly enjoying what they were hearing. That energy is gifted back to the band, and they reciprocate that carefree, “living in the moment” vibe. 

Regardless of if you know Slightly Stoopid’s music well, it’s definitely a show worth checking out for a fun summer night out. They’re the type of band where you’re left wanting more after the show is over. Slightly Stoopid continues touring and playing select festivals throughout early September!

Words and photos by Paige Good