Sunflower Bean rip and roar at sold-out Moroccan Lounge

Sunflower Bean Moroccan 2022 mainbar

NYC indie rock trio Sunflower Bean returned to LA on Friday night for their first show in the city limits since a 2019 gig at the Bootleg Theater. The band was at the Moroccan Lounge supporting their recently released full-length record Headful of Sugar, which dropped May 6 via Mom + Pop.

Friday night’s set leaned heavily on the new record, as it made up more than half of the set. Only a handful of tracks came from their previous two full-length releases — 2016’s debut Human Ceremony and 2018’s excellent follow-up Twentytwo in Blue.

As usual, singer Julia Cumming’s vocals left the crowd in awe, as well as her bass playing. Nick Kivlen’s guitar sets the tone and drummer Olive Faber keeps time on the drum kit.

Sunflower Bean are the epitome of cool and they seem to know it. A venue like the Moroccan Lounge feels like home — a tightly packed suffocating venue where you’re gonna sweat whether you move around or don’t — so why not let loose?

That’s exactly what the crowd did and by the time the show was over it felt much too soon.

Photos by Justin Higuchi