Zedd in the Park proves to be sold-out success, but why so quiet?

The day before the Fourth of July is a holiday in its own right. Most people get the 4th off from their jobs, making the third of the month a great night to go balls to the wall. Perhaps that is what Insomniac Events had in mind with Zedd in the Park, and the date no doubt contributed to the event being a sell-out at LA State Historic Park in Chinatown.

I knew a variety of different friends who “squadded up” for the show, even people I didn’t recognize as being big EDM fans. The idea of doing a one-day event was pretty smart because it’s way easier to psych yourself up for a night of drunken debauchery in a field watching some tunes when you are only on the hook for it once.

Opening acts whethan, medasin., Oliver Tree, and the Brownies & Lemonade gang got the crowd going and by the time Zedd took the stage it was dark and the field was packed. The visuals were top notch but there was one problem — from the back of the field it was way too quiet.

The volume was so low that I had no idea he brought out the singing Chainsmoker dude for “Closer” (although I’d argue I didn’t really need to know). Zedd was dropping the hits left and right, going through Daft Punk, Queen, and a variety of other festival bangers. He debuted a new song with Elley Duhe. I just wish I could’ve heard it over the talking heads next to me.

It didn’t stop me from having a good time. The pre-game I engaged in at a nearby friend’s was enough to get us amped for the show — and when you’re surrounded by friends it’s hard to be bummed out. But I hope they bring this back next year, and crank the volume to 11.

Photo courtesy of Ivan Meneses / Insomniac Events