Zedd turns up on a Tuesday at Omnia Nightclub

Zedd on a Tuesday night? Why not.

I’m in Las Vegas this week for the buildup to the massive boxing rematch between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez (I just picked up a gig freelancing about the sweet science for Sporting News). Unfortunately, I won’t be at the fight because one of my older brothers is getting married in Oakland that day.

But Tuesday night I was looking for something to do and saw Zedd was at Omnia, the nightclub inside Caesar’s Palace. I’ve never been to the club and reached out to Zedd’s publicist and got put on the list.

It was a long day for me. I took a Megabus from Los Angeles at 6:30 AM. Someone on the bus was blasting Migos on their cell phone at full volume until about 9 AM and I didn’t get any sleep. By the time I arrived in Las Vegas at 12 noon Pacific Time, it was onto the grand arrivals of the fighters at the MGM Grand. By nighttime, I was fading fast, but once I got confirmation for the Zedd show, I rallied pretty quickly.

I’ve seen Zedd in Las Vegas a number of times. He always seems to be in Las Vegas when I’m in town for a big fight, and he sets the bar high as far as Vegas nightclub experiences go. Tuesday night I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I got into the club I saw it was packed. Two $23 vodka sodas later, I was buzzing pretty good and took in a high-quality set from one of the world’s best.

Zedd played a lot of hip-hop but also mixed in the EDM bangers that made him a household name. There’s nothing like a crowd feeling their feels singing along to “Clarity”. He had a lot of builds that took the crowd by surprise when he didn’t drop at the expected point, building suspense nicely.

The visuals were incredible. This was my first time at Omnia and I was floored by the video screens (especially the video screens that were literally in the floor). This is a high-quality club where I wasn’t packed in like a sardine.

The dance floor was packed and I had to talk my way onto it about halfway through his set. By the time he walked off around 3:30 AM, I was pretty gassed. But it was worth being tired the next morning — when else do you get an opportunity to turn up on a Tuesday like that?

Zedd is at Omnia a bunch over the next couple of months. You can catch him there each Saturday from Sept. 29 until Oct. 30. I highly recommend it if you’re in town any of those weekends.

Photos courtesy of Mike Kirschbaum