Where in LA will Lady Gaga dive bar show be tonight?

Pop superstar Lady Gaga could be turning up at a small venue in Silverlake tonight.

Gaga is on her dive bar tour in support of her new album Joanne, where she’s been playing shows in tiny dive bars all across the country the past few weeks here and there. Tonight, her tour wraps up and will be livestreamed on Facebook, through Bud Light.

Now, where is this show happening? All signs point to the show happening at The Satellite. A picture popped up on Reddit with the Silverlake venue’s marquee featuring the word JOANNE 7 PM. Also, the venue’s original show featuring FEELS was moved to the Silverlake Lounge. A Reddit user reported that the venue has fences up and trucks are already loading into the venue.

The only way to gain access to this show was through some sort of random drawing, apparently. You’ll be able to watch the show at 7 PM PT via Bud Light’s Facebook page.

Bud Light posted at 11:43 AM what looks to be the marquee from in front of The Satellite:

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