BENEE packs The Roxy for thrilling set

BENEE The Roxy 2023 PG mainbar

After a killer set in the desert at Coachella weekend one, BENEE headed back to LA to perform a sold out show at The Roxy on Monday night. This was the most packed I have ever seen the historic and intimate venue. The room was buzzing with excitement in anticipation for this one night only show. BENEE had two openers, Tiffany Day and Superfan, and both artists seemed to have a decent amount of fans in the crowd. Although their sets were more low-key than BENEE’s, they still brought a good energy to the room and prepped us all for what was to come. 

The curtains rose around 10pm and the room went wild. BENEE opened her set with a fan favorite, “Kool”. She didn’t stop there with the classics, following that up with “Find an Island” and “Happen to Me”. BENEE’s vocals were on point throughout the show. She has such a crisp tone that it almost sounds auto tuned, but she’s just that good. A huge highlight of the set was BENEE bringing a fan from the front row up on stage to sing the rap in “Night Garden”, originally performed by artist Bakar. She also treated the audience to some unreleased songs, which based on what we heard, will definitely be worth adding to your summer playlists. The most energetic song of the night was BENEE’s most recent single, “Green Honda”. This one got the whole room moving, which can be hard to pull off at LA shows at times. 

BENEE is still one of my favorite artists to see live, as her energy is always through the roof. She even said halfway through her set that she was so exhausted from weekend one of Coachella, but that our audience brought her spirits back up for the show. The best shows are when the artist and crowd are so in sync that they can hype each other up throughout the duration of the set. 

BENEE never disappoints, and I hope she doesn’t wait too long before returning back to LA. Whether it’s at Coachella Weekend 2 or catching her next show in a city near you, she is not one to miss!

Words and photos by Paige Good