Five Can’t Miss Lightning in a Bottle 2018 Undercard Acts

Let’s set the stage here a bit. You’ve arrived at Lighting in a Bottle 2018, schedule in hand. Besides the earlier than usual chaffing, everything is going swimmingly. You know a handful artists on the lineup that must are sees, but beyond that, you’re as free as the wind. (Note: Stake your tents down at LiB!)

Luckily for you, LiB packs so much into a festival, you’ll never get bored. Everywhere you go, artists are waiting to surprise you with how awesome they can be. As you and your crew wander the ground and wonder where to go next, you remember this article. You steer your friends towards a random stage and exclaim “Oh wait I know these guys, they’re awesome!” Your compatriots trust you and as a result, an unforgettable dance party commences. You’re a hero, soak it in. But first remember these 5 must-see undercard artists:

Stage: Favela Bar
Genre: Electronica

This Atlanta based DJ/Producer of House & Techno is planning a live set that promises to be early-festival body-mover. His thurs/fri set takes place at the favela bar, which is a party in and of itself. Those looking for a live comparison would be wise to think Tycho or Jon Hopkins. In his own words, expect “ghostly vibes”.

Artist: Huxley Anne
Stage: Pagoda
Genre: Dark Bass

You can always count on hearing wild, experimental bass emanating from the Pagoda stage. Huxley Anne will be no exception to this during his set at LiB. From his own biography: “i’m a clairvoyant k-pop miscreant, or a liquid wax aboriginal broomstick riding free base electric sorceress, or a nu-disko art porn nymphet depending on my mood” If even one of those things is true, expect a heck of a show.

Artist: Esseks
Stage: Thunder
Genre: Dirty Melodic Bass

Esseks is a Brooklyn based producer and visual artist who makes his own incredible album artwork. His music spans most of the bass-centric genres with a focus on the off-kilter. Things are gonna get wonky fast. The diverse elements of his music are tied together with Esseks’ subtle but instantly recognizable sound. It is dark but in a playful sense. Cartoon Villain music you could say.

Artist: Too Many Zooz
Stage: Grand Artque
Genre: Brass House

This ridiculously danceable trumpet, bari sax, and drum trio from New Orleans is a can’t miss. Featuring marching traditions mixed with hip hop, electronic, and Balkan Brass music, their show last year was amazing and shows no sign of changing. Expect a party.

Artist: KLL SMTH
Stage: Pagoda
Genre: Weird Space Bass

About: I’ll take 1 weird bass with extra weird and extra bass please, thanks. Like a prismatic audio avalanche ripping down the mountains of Colorado to ears all around the world, kLL sMTH has stayed vigilant in his mission to keep the heart in the bass and the bounce in the booty. Cruising powerfully through gut-wrenching lows to illuminated peaks (and occasionally stopping off in sexy-time), his music paints an inspired portrait of an ecstatic dance-floor.

Don’t have a ticket yet? Passes to Lightning in a Bottle 2018 are still available!

Words and photos by Ross Allen