Electric Guest’s intimate Monty Bar gig delivers promise

It’s been four-plus years since electro-pop duo Electric Guest barged onto the scene behind the success of their debut album Mondo and the massively successful single “This Head I Hold.” Last Thursday, they emerged from their hibernation with a killer private show at Monty Bar downtown — and it’s got us excited for what’s to come.

Playing the same day their new song “Dear To Me” (featuring HAIM on backup vocals) dropped, Electric Guest packed the cozy bar with what felt like a few hundred people. It made it ultra clear that absence makes the heart grow fonder. The assortment of people who showed up have been salivating at the thought of new music from them the past few years. They’ll get their wish when Electric Guest releases their first new album in five years, which will be called Plural.

Songwriter and lead vocalist Asa Taccone rocked the tiny stage and blew me away with his pitch-perfect falsetto. They played a handful of tracks from their 2012 debut, “Amber” and the previously mentioned “This Head I Hold,” to massive applause. But the new songs were as equally well received. Two songs into their set was new track “Back For Me,” one of the new tracks. The prominent bass line in the song is catchy and groovy as hell and sets the stage for Taccone’s smooth vocals, as he sings “Are you coming back for me?”

The band closed with the HAIM-backed “Dear To Me,” and although the Valley sisters didn’t show up on stage to support, the song’s backup vocals went off without a hitch thanks to help from Taccone’s bandmates.

The new album Plural will be released in February via Downtown Records. Along with HAIM featured on backup vocals, another song will feature a contribution from Joanna Newsom. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more to come.